Monday, 25 October 2010


We hadn't realised how much we needed thumping beats and ear bleeding feedback, until we arrived at the Supersonic Festival in Birmingham this weekend. We were invited there by Craftspace Collective.
The Custard Factory was full off friendly rockers, eager to have a good time. This gentleman found the crowds a bit intense at times, so got busy making pom poms to decorate his hat. By the end of the day he had also made a necklace.
Charlotte's pom pom necklace blended beautifully with her dress. She used all acrylics because she is a vegan.
Our room was next to the stage, so the music was loud enough to kick off a working party atmosphere.
Carrie made a poodle. She didn't know it was going to be a poodle at first, but they bonded straight away.
This picture was taken during the tidying up at the end. You can see all the up turned stools for pom pom making and Louise rocking a pom pom look.
Some pom pom makers had acute colour sense and managed to enhance their already spectacular outfits.
As well as up turned stools, we made pom poms on oak niddy noddies which my Dad made, and are on sale at PYF for £30.
The sun shone for most of the day, and then the rain came down with the rock.
Posing with pom poms is easy. Louise loved posing in her Chrome Hoof inspired coat. When the Chrome Hoof girls came to visit us, they were suprised, because Louise had basically created the new Chrome Hoof uniform for herself with out realising.

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