Friday, 15 February 2008


My friend Dick, bar tender at the Colony Room, asked me to make 5 new hand ROLLER towels, and I am delighted with the idea.  The Colony only has one towel at the moment. It is green, of course, and made by Mumsie who died in 1994 and had her coffin covered in jelly babies and they poured a bottle of vodka over it as it was lowered into the ground, apparently. It is so manky that Dick washed his hands after touching it. 
Last year, my mother gave me about 30 manky hand towels (pictured above) because I am creative and she thought I could do something with them.
So far I've cut them into bits, bleached them, then I'll dye them green and  then I'll stitch them together somehow. 
Adam suggested slipping a towel glove puppet in there somewhere. 
Any ideas?
Watch this space...


Its my friends looking out for me that makes me feel safe, not the CCTV.

I've felt safe for years now, because I have a lovely friend. His name is Leafcutter John.

If you haven't seen or heard John's work, I suggest you go to asap.

John made this CCTV camera for Prick Your Finger. 

Everyone is safe here.