Tuesday, 24 June 2008


Louise has always wished she could grow a moustache, so she made some instead, the patterns for which can now be found in the new addition of Amelia's Magazine.
Whether you fancy yourself as  Lemmy, a ZZ Top, Freddie, or  Nietzche, the patterns have quick and easy steps for fantastic results.
Amelia has made this another viberant issue complete with a USB stick full of tunes, and a whole pot pourri of ideas. Order your copy now!


Dan popped in this morning to buy some of our 50p cotton thread, and then came back 10 minutes later with this beautiful kite, made from green and white tissue paper, with a long flowing black plastic tail. 
Dan is Brazilian, and his kite is a friendly one but he explained that in Br
azil, kites actually kill people.  Fighting kites are made by gluing broken glass onto the string and unfortunately every now and then a kite slits someone's throat. 
Anyway that didn't happen to us, but the kite did get stuck in the next door neighbours window box, and she very kindly freed it for us. 
A gust of wind came and Dan and his girlfriend skipped off to the park in the gay June windy sunshine.