Thursday, 11 June 2009


Congratulations Sabrina Gschwandtner on making some beautiful work for the IASPIS organisation in Sweden.  It's 3 pieces hung in the windows of the gallery. Each one took  about a week to make and they are all sewn together with clear polyamide thread and 16 mm films recently "deaccessioned" from FIT's collection. The films are mostly educational shorts about various forms of women's work, like the processes of quilters, the history of Peruvian weaving, how to look for surface design inspiration in the world around you, etc. The titles of the 3 pieces are taken from the films  used for each piece. She designed them thinking about string quilts, that form of quilting wherein narrow strips of leftover scrap fabrics are used. The
diamond in the third quilt is actually a log cabin-style square, a popular quilt design since the mid 1800s.