Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Hello! I am the model they usually have in knitting magazines. I am wearing quite a good jumper this time. I wouldn't have chosen the yarn, but you could always buy something lovely from Prick Your Finger instead.  The stylist got me into this position with no safety pins or sticky tape. You can see me again at www.theknitter.co.uk a new magazine for creative knitting.


My friend Cecilia is always teaching me new things about the world of textiles and how it relates to life and the universe.
We all have tangles in cupboards and draws, and the propper old English word for them is "Snocksnarls - all of a heap; generally used of entangled thread".
This is Cecilia's mohair snocksnarl.
 I recommend Cecilia's blog at www.johnbyhall.co.uk/jb/