Friday, 28 May 2010


We are delighted to launch our Snakes and Ladders board project, for a picnic with the Welcome Collection on 26th June.
Each square of aida canvas, is waiting for an embroiderer's embellishment. The squares are aprox 29cm square, tie dyed and printed with microscopic patterns of food nutrients and bacterias, and of course numbers. The prints are very subtle on the canvas, to give you the freedom to design around the idea. On one square you might be sewing around the microscopic structure of bread,
and your friend might be stitching around calcium.You could stitch the dredded E- Coli or the structure that makes you feel funny when you've drunk too much beer.
Embroidery threads will compliment the colours of the squares, and stitchers are asked to let rip, and embroider free style on their square.
Our inspiration comes from a snakes and ladder's board found in the Welcome Collection, which is also known as the Heaven and Hell game. Based on the Hindu - Vaishnava faith, each square has a definition, such as the six internal foes: egotism, anger, greed, desire, jelousy, and pride
the three most auspicious rivers of India: the Gangees, Yamuna, and Sarasvati
elements of nature: sky, space, air, light, earth, ocean, fire,
The three ualities of nature: truth/ light, action / passion, inert/darkness.
Hopefully all these qualities will come out in the stitches we make!

If you would like to stitch, please let us know, by ringing the shop. The squares need to be handed back to us by 19th June, so we can stitch them altogether and stitch on the snakes and ladders. And put the picnic date in your diary, and come and play the game!