Tuesday, 5 October 2010


I have been on holiday to Istambul with my family. My brother Monty speaks Turkish and is a fantastic tour guide. He suggested that the way to see how the locals behave is to go to a football match.
My mother Diana, doesn't really like football and wasn't sure if she wanted to go. I asked her why and she said,
"It becomes a bit nurdish, who's been transfered to who and for how much money. There's better ways to spend money quite frankly, like having nice gardens or not eating junk food".

Diana agreed watching football wouldn't be a waste of time if she did her sewing and I did my knitting. Diana was stitching acorns from Phillipa Turnbull's 'Tree of Life' in crewel work.
We loved the men's singing, and the man pictured here with the designer stubble told his friends not to block our vision of the game, because we wanted to sit down and all the men were standing in front of us. Monty and Dad David found the 3-0 win very exciting.
The next day we were in the Turkish barbers, watching Monty have a shave with a cut throat razor, when David found our picture in the newspaper 'Banko'. Monty translated the captions which read,
"The fans of Fenerbahce didn't let their team alone despite of the rain at the stadium." and
"Supporters who came as family to support yellow-navy blue set out different sight at Saracoglu" (the name of the place)
We were very excited and the barber took pictures of us with the newspaper and our stitches.
Later I asked David why he liked football so much and he said,
"It never goes quite the way you expect."


Keilidh is from Wales, came to do work experience with us. She is a very creative lady and is just starting her fashion BA at University of the Arts. In her spare time she makes amazing looks with pom pons and styles them with her friends.
What a colour full life she has!


Many of you have asked what all the banging and drilling and dust is about next door to us. It's been going on all summer, and that's why we have been shouting at everyone, making a racket with our own power tools, re-building our shop by competing with them and feeding off the vibe!

Brendon (second from the left in this picture) and his wife Jo have literally re-built next door, and it is almost ready to become a beautiful home and design studio.
The amazing thing is, Brendon been re building the Titanic on channel 4 at the same time.

It is a very exciting program, showing the craft skills and man power used at the turn of last century. They investigate the impact Titanic had on Belfast, by delving into social history by chatting in the pubs.

Every craftsman will love this program. It is brilliantly researched, sensitive, clever and quite frankly, beautiful.