Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Here are more of Zarah's Shetland reports, drawn on her raincoat. You can see sketches of Deirdre Neilson's gin socks, which demonstrated how much gin you could buy for the amount of money you get from knitting socks. Then Annemore's knitted woolly pants which keep you very warm and only itch for the first two months you wear them. Then there was a lecture that Zarah really wanted to see because it was called knitting with attitude - except it wasn't it was knitting with altitude, about some knitters on a mountain in South America.

There were a lot of custard creams.
That's me giving my presentation (on the UFO Project Administration Service) and people clapping and knitting at the same time.
More Shetland Reports on their way.


Last week, Taeko came to visit Prick Your Finger.
She started knitting, and couldn't stop.She knitted and knitted, and it got way past closing time. Her eyes went droopy, and she still couldn't put her needles down.Her parents asked her to stop, but she couldn't do it.Finally she finished the ball and went to sleep on a sack of wool.
Her parents waited until the sleep was deep and then carried her home.