Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Fleur Oakes of the Glass Pingle loves and understands all seasons, but especially mid-winter. We were delighted to be invited to her Museum of Objects of Virtue, last Sunday afternoon for a trip into Narnia. I've always wanted to go to Narnia, and couldn't believe Fleur actually found the entrance.  
As we arrived we were offered a cup of tea in fine bone china and a piece of golden syrup cake. That calmed our nerves before we walked through the wardrobe of fur coats, one at a time. 
As we entered Narnia, the temperature dropped and there was a fluttering of snow around a lamp post, with a candle burning next to a box of turkish delight. We know someone had been there before because there was an old umbrella leaning on the lamp post and a boiled egg and Eccles cake on the table, which also held our presents. (We were advised not to take photos because Mr. Tumnus thought it might spoil the occasion, sorry!)
Rosemary opened a leopard skin girls grooming kit, Louise had a bag of plastic laundry rings and I was delighted with my moroccan lipstick and Glow in the dark false finger nails.
Thank you for looking for Narnia Fleur... It takes real intuition to know where to look, and thank you for taking us with you. It really was the most magical afternoon. 


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