Thursday, 12 June 2008


Congratulations to Collette who knitted these very sweet green boots for her new nephew Owen. 
They are Jade Green DK UK Alpacca.
Collette's work has not finished here, her sister is due a baby next week. 
Keep going Collette!


It doesn't happen all that often, but today the wind blew and we locked ourselves out of the shop. 
We urgently needed a man. 
Then we saw one.
This is Kenneth James Baker, possibly the strongest man on Globe Rd.
You might recognise Ken because he has been a stunt man in Casino Royal, in an advert with David Hasselhoff,  and a double for a Crimewatch re enactment on serial killer who killed lots of blonde women.
Ken works out every day and has a 56" chest, and he can do the splits. 
He pushed the door open with a light touch and we agreed to knit him a new vest.