Thursday, 25 September 2008


You may remember, dear reader, that last easter time, there was a lot of rabbits.
Rocky found a pattern for Bobby the felt bunny, and kindly gave it to us. The last person to make Bobby, possibly lived in Romford, and was determined the pattern should never be thrown away. Purely by chance, I inherited another Bobby the felt bunny when my friend Richard died. I think Richard might have made him, and he happily lived in Barnes.
When we looked at the pattern, it had been traced in a rather odd way, and some of the pieces were back to front. Our friend Kate, lovingly sorted it out, re-made the pattern and made a new Bobby, chewing a more modern yellow carrot.  I'm sure you'll agree he is very sweet.
Bobby patterns are on sale soon, or you can make one as part of our our Christmas presents class. How could a strange relation resist a bunny like this?