Tuesday, 4 March 2008


Bit cold and tired this morning so we put hats on. Our hat's came a long way to keep us warm.
Louise's hat was sent by Polly who lives in Natick,  Massachusetts. It was knitted by her grandmother, Daisy, when she lived in England, and it was origionaly a tea cosy. During WW1, Daisy was a secretary for an officer in London, when she fell in love with a Staff Sergeant. He soon moved to Canada, but Daisy was determined and boarded a steamer, with the tea cosy, in 1920, age only 19, and went and found him. She didn't marry him just yet, she spent a year traveling across Canada on a caboose, and they were finally reunited and married shortly afterwards. Daisy found it colder in Canada and stitched up the spout and handle holes to make a cosy hat. Polly, when having a clear out, knew that the tea cosy belonged in England and sent it to us, and we are so glad she did. 
My hat was given to me by Ella's long lost cousin Martin, who came to visit from Chilie. He is an expert in Volcanos and when he came for tea we had scones with jam and cream.