Wednesday, 21 April 2010


We couldn't live without the yarn umbrella. We use it for winding skeins.
If the yarn is heavy, it groans as it turns, making a squeaky wood sound, like you might hear on a tall ship. It is also painted with glow in the dark paint, although this isn't apparent from the photo.
At the bottom, there's a wooden screw, which moves up and down to adjust the width, and tightens to secure. Alarmingly, one day, the screw snapped off, and the entire contraption was deemed useless. Dad said he'd fix it. My Dad, like some other Dad's has a large pile of things that need fixing. He kindly made a new screw, and then alarmingly, it snapped off again. It seems that some of our yarns are too heavy for a light wood screw. Dad had another go, and made this indestructable red wood screw with metal re- inforcement. We can not work out how he's done it and we are much relieved. And because he likes to go the extra mile, there's a matching knob for the top, which makes the umbrella tall.


Please come and join us tomorrow at 12 noon, for one minute of meyhem as a tribute to Malcolm, and perhaps consider donating to Humanade by buying this memorial t-shirt, which for our shop, says it all.