Monday, 8 March 2010


Thank you to Alternative Arts for inviting us to make a project for International Women's Week. This year, the theme was the Suffragette movement. We decided to visit women's groups across Tower Hamlets and ask them which issues they would like to discuss with their candidates for the general election. We printed their slogans on shopping bags, which we shall give away to politicians at a private view at Prick Your Finger this Thursday 11th March from 5-7pm.
You are all invited to come and meet the politicians (If they turn up) and the wonderfully opinionated women we have worked with. If these women ruled, peace, love and anarchy would reign and there would be no shit on pavements.

We printed the bags at Print Club Dalston - which rocks.


Apologies posting late about Unraveled at the Farnham Maltings. We had a super time.
Unraveled, is dedicated to healthy yarn. There is a wonderful selection of farmer producers selling real yarns, fantastic displays from guilds, a competition, and orginized with a huge amount of love. We were once again blown away by the outfits! Forget fashion week, Farnham was where it was at.
We were UFO Project Administrators, hence the silver table cloth and the typewriter. We saw a lot of half finished pieces fly the nest, which we shall update soon at
That's Gavin on the left. He drove us there in his big motor with SatNav, so we could wear our enormous sunglasses and stare out of the window. He packed the car and bought us cake and everything.


Allow me to introduce our new limited edition yarn. The Swaledale, Electric Kool Aid Acid Test. It's a DK yarn which we had spun at the mill and dyed in our Kitchen.
With over tones of Kool Aid's lime, cherry, grape, orange, and pink lemonade, the creamy hill top fibres of the Viking Herdwick's first cousin Swaledale, will give you luminating warmth on any trip to enlightenment.
The full story about the Merry Pranksters and America's cult fruit drink with added vitamin C, can be read in my column next month, in Simply Knitting Magazine.
( I write it every month, and keep forgetting to remind anyone. It's a brilliant publication because Alan Dart writes regular patterns)