Wednesday, 7 May 2008


Thumbs up to our Rosemary for making Budgie Thumb Puppets in time for the most fantastic budgie day there has been, since the actress Jayne Mansfield, presented the prizes for a Budgerigar competition at All Saints Church Hall in Hackney, in 1959!
The event made the front page of the Hackney Gazette back then, and we hope that when our friend Susanna Edwards  ( ) recreates the competition this Saturday 10th May at the same venue, she will hit the headlines too. 
Our Sue, who really is fantastic, will be re- enacting the fashion and mannerisms of Jayne Mansfield, and inviting Hackney residents with budgerigars to come along and enter. 
The competition will be judged by 'Jayne Mansfield', Ian Sinclair and the Rev Rose Hudson - Wilkinson. 
The competition is part of a multi - stranded artisitic exploration of social, historical, and political issues in Hackney, on which Sue is working with film maker Emily Richardson....but the Budgies haven't been told that. The event will be photographed for an up coming show at Tatty Devine. And it's free and if you don't have a budgie, then why not knit one!