Friday, 19 December 2008


Thank you poet Margaret Whyte for the a postcard of  
Mars by Diego Valázquez c. 1639-1641
Margaret suggested I could knit for him, and that I do. Everyday.


We love knitting Baby Jesus,
he's made in Jamiesons Shetland, from a pattern by Allen Dart and his halo is made from a little bit of picture wire.


I've bought records from Neil at Rough Trade since I was about 16.  Neil has always had good taste in jumpers. My favourite jumper of Neil's in this red and black mohair asymmetrical number which looks so no wave. 
One Monday, which is my day off, I was at the listening post and as Neil turned around to look me out some records, I noticed that he had three massive holes in the back of the lovely said jumper.
Neil kindly let me take it home for darning, which was good because he doesn't know me that well. 
I'm glad I did it, because I found 7 moth cocoons hiding in the mohair. That wouldn't have been Neil's fault, it's a very common with mohair, which needs a comb and a shake every now and then. 


We were sad to stub out our last knitted fag at the Colony Room Club this week.

Good bye Colony, we are sorry that after 60 years, you are closing along with all the other great places of character. 


Thank you very much to all you gorgeous boys who joined us for our PYF Christmas dinner last night at Lorelli, Soho's best Italian restaurant. You really were marvelous company, keeping us entertained all night and wearing our paper hats so well. It was lovely to make your acquaintance and we do hope to meet you all again some day.


Jenny has made a blanket of many colours for her boss who is just about to have a baby. Jenny has been signed off sick for such a long time, that she suspects her boss might be a tiny bit cross, but Jenny's boss is such a lovely lady, that Jenny thought the best thing to do was crochet for the baby. The blanket is made from a beautiful selection of dayglo acrylic washable yarns from Fabrications on Broadway Market.