Saturday, 26 July 2008


This Sunday 27th July, there is a farewell tea party at the 'Museum of Objects of Virtue' for our show 'Dust Jacket For the Voyage of the Beagle.' You are all welcome. Details are on the Glass Pinacle blog. You can connect to it from the list to your right.

Let me introduce Ruth. My grandmother let me play with this doll as a child. For a while I didn't like her. She was cold, and bald, so I told her she was bad and she had to sit in the corner of the dolls house. My grandmother told me we mustn't be horrible to people just because they are bald, and suggested I cut off one of my curls and give it to her. I agreed and we stuck it on with U-hu.  For some reason I didn't make her any clothes, so she has remained naked for the last 25 years.
When the 'Museum of Objects of Virtue'  gave me the brief for this show, I started looking for interesting dust at my parent's house, which used to be my great grandparent's house.
 Rumaging through the attic, Ruth and I were re-united. She was in a box with three other china dolls who were wearing very crude clothes made by a seven year old. 
I set to work making Ruth a very glamorous coat, deco style, made entirely out of cobwebs.  She has a blue bottle on her head. She holds two gold threads for taking bees and ladybirds for  walks.  She now lives in a hole carved out of Charles Darwin's the Voyage of the Beagle. 
Thank you to Museum curator Fleur Oakes for taking these photos.
We are delighted to announce Fleur Oakes will be showing her work at PYF in September.


Last Wednesday, we were delighted to be models for the 'Best Off Tatty Devine' catalogue.
(For the full collection go to
Here we are peering through the glasses necklace collection from behind our dresser. I am wearing the 3-D glasses necklace and Louise is behind orange riding shades.   When the shoot was over, we wished we could be models for Tatty every day, and then we realised that actually, we are.