Friday, 28 November 2008


Marie Paysant - Le Roux staged an extraordianry experimental  performance at the Hockney Gallery at the Royal College of Art Friday last. These photos do not fully capture the beautiful colour work, and intense atmospheres, all created through the medium of eggs. 
Marie found an egg box lying on a street in Norway, and it got her thinking about emotions. 

"We are like a container of emotional stories. Our shell is porous, we need to protect and build up our precious happiness...
Playing with the qualities of eggs, I suggest an assortment of four main dishes to explain four different emotions. The laying of this experimental table offers a rich vocabulary for a new language. Through an appetizing sensitive research, I hopefully reveal the emotional expressiveness of the specified colours."

Marie, worked with the egg boxes, making them grow with crochet, colouring the eggs by injections of dye, mixing colour with raw eggs, dying boiled eggs, and making meringue. 
The menu contained Hard boiled eggs on green salad for fear, eggs injected with red and boiled in anger, yellow Royal golden boiled egg for sadness, and Lemon meringue pie for happiness.
As dishes were slowly added to the table by Ode Marie and Marie Gibet, Nahum Mantra made sounds taken from the kitchen, reflecting the colour and emotion of every dish.
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