Friday, 30 May 2008


This weeks Psychostitchgeography, shows Louise's calculations for the knitted beards and moustaches, from ZZ Top to Freddie Mercury, and adaptable for The Rubbishmen and other bearded people. 
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Issue 9 ready for pre -order!


While Louise rounded up Wiltshire Horn sheep  in Wales last weekend, she took these pictures for us! Louise's brother Oliver keeps these rare breed sheep, mostly to feed his family, but also for the wool. Louise's task was to move the sheep from the top field, where they had been enjoying the long grass, down to the salt marsh, where they are encouraged to eat seaweed, to improve their flavor before slaughter. 
Like all Bo Peeps, Louise had to find the sheep first, so she followed the clues of poo on the path and fleece on the fence. There was a lot of fleece on the fences because Wiltshire Horns, shed their wool once a year, which means Oliver doesn't have to shear them and Louise and the blackbirds can collect it. For the rest of the morning, Louise ran backwards and forwards watching little tails run away from her until they arrived at the salt marsh. 
The sheep really liked their new pasture, as you can see from this video...