Sunday, 31 August 2008


Prick Your Finger is protected by a superhero called Tony, and this Saturday it was Tony's birthday and Tony's theme. 
Tony, pictured top, calls in daily on his way to the swimming pool. Tonight he was dressed as a Geography teacher. Dick pictured with me in the middle, was the RE teacher superhero called Miss- Information or Re - Education. She carried a book of knowledge and a sharp metal ruler.  
I was enjoying being the Evil Doll Hairdresser. My dress was made by Tatty Devine, and it had evil batteries stitched on the back. My garters held scissors and rollers, and I kept the combs in my hair, ready for action. 
Everything felt normal until The Stylist arrived, pictured bottom.  She made a stunning entrance, the room went cold, and she posed, looked us up and down and said,  'So Last Season.'
Roumers circulated that she was the most powerful of all Superheroes, of which there were many.
Later in the evening, we were at the bar and I noticed The Stylist had a stray curl, so had a go at cutting it off with the hedge trimmers. 
She wasn't pleased.
Miss-Information said that she thought The Stylist looked scared.