Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Congratulations to Fleur Emery for knitting a brilliant orange culinary solution. Anyone that has dined with our friend Jamie, will know that his very comforting dinners are made in a rather special way. Many a time, trying to help, I've checked the roast using an old sock as an oven glove. Fleur came to PYF to learn knitting and here we can see her first piece, in pure wool roving, felted into this multi purpose pan mat oven glove thing. What a brilliant idea!


"I don't know" said Penguin 1 " I feel like I can focus better with two pins in my head."
"Well it's alright for you, I can only hold one pin in my head, and I can't focus on anything." said Penguin 2.
"Eh! My friends," said Monkey, "no problem, we're on a shelf, we don't need to focus on anything...."
But the Polar Bear was clearly focusing on something already and just smiled.

If you can come up with a better story then please leave your comment below. 
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Thank you to Miss Celia Pym, for bringing peace to Prick Your Finger this week. 
Celia is a darning artist, tending to a Norweigen jumper which has seen better days.  Some of the holes are so big, that Celia does not yet know how she will fix them. 
Yesterday, she made good progress across the back of the neck and one shoulder, darning in Lion Brand cream Arran. The woven patches looked liked snowballs splattered against the intricate snowflakes of the fairisle, knitted we suspect, in the 1950's. 
We all love this jumper.
It has been knitted with love, loved as it's worn, saved, and now it is being mended with yet more wooly love.
Watch this space for the next installment.