Monday, 5 October 2009


Thank you to everyone who came and stitched the poem with us! This is Rebecka, she got the whole thing rolling by administrating the knitting of the letters. That was a HUGE job....
It took between 2.5 and 4 hours to stitch two lines together, so with 23 lines, you can calculate the numbers of fingers we needed to help. Fingers came from every where, including some which were on holiday from Australia.

Deportment was important. We stopped for stretches as much as we stopped for tea.
There was nothing boring about this job. Every square came with a message and we felt that we were surrounded by hundred's of friends and comrades. Even the man on the radio gave us a shout out.

The poem was bigger than the Poetry Soc building, so we couldn't roll it out to read it. There was only one mistake, no gap between 'the' and 'moon', but Brigit managed to un pick that area and insert a blank. Phew!

I didn't speak to Louise for hours. She was fully absorbed and occasionally lifted her head to encourage everyone.

We got a lot of stitching out of Ellen, because she was meant to be writing an essay, and wasn't ready to start. I reckon her essay came together through the stitching of this poem.
Next instalment of the poem to follow shortly.