Friday, 21 November 2008



All dressed up, ready to go, and 'Whoops!"  Your skirt level is wrong.  Louise's Grandmother in Law, was brousing a junk shop when she found a way to get the perfect skirt line at the hight of fashion. The Milwards Skirt Level.

1. The Milward Skirt Level consists of a rubber bulb, a length of rubber tubing, a filling stopper, powder ejector and a rubber sucker attached to the powder ejector. The chalk refills contain sufficient powder to mark approximately ten garments. 

2. The purpose of the skirt level, is to enable you to mark a level hem line on the garment you are still wearing. The mark is obtained by a fine ejection of powder, and the operation can be carried out by yourself, with out any assistance. 

3. First charge the ejector with chalk, by carefully removing the stopper and filling the ejector with the contents of one powder sachet. Replace the stopper making sure that it is snapped firmly in place. Decide what height from the floor, you require your hemline and press the rubber suction pad onto any convenient vertical flat surface at the required level.  The rubber suction pad, enables you to fix the "Skirt level" to any polished surface (a full length mirror, stove enamel, painted doors and tiles are ideal surfaces.) Slightly damp the rubber suction pad before applying. Make sure you fix the powder ejector up right so that the rubber tube enters from the top and the nozzel is level. 

4. The powder line on the skirt is obtained by a series of sharp compressions of the rubber bulb. Before commencing to mark your skirt, stand aside and give two or three vigorous puffs. This is to clear any surplus powder that may be in the nozzel. 

5. Stand so that your skirt is either touching or very close to the nozzel and give a short sharp puff of powder; turn a little, wait until your skirt has settled in its natural hanging position and mark again in the same way. Continue to do this until you have gone all the way round the skirt. Do not try to mark while you are turning round. The skirt must be still when you eject the powder. 

6. When removing or altering the height of the powder ejector, do not attempt to pull it directly from the surface to which it is attached. Deform the rim of the rubber sucker with the finger when the ejector will come away quite easily.