Tuesday, 22 April 2008


Last Tuesday afternoon, a wagon parked up outside PYF, and on the driver's seat, a lovely hand knitted blanket caught my eye. 
I was struck by how homely the seat looked, and how the ice cream colours made the whole vehicle appear rather jolly.  I swiftly made the assumption that the lorry was driven by a man, and the blanket knitted by a lady who loved him, and was cooking up a plate of fish fingers in anticipation of his return...
Not trusting my assumption, and feeling cheeky I thought I'd investigate the matter further. Closing time came, and our driver did not return so I wrote him a letter and left it on the wind screen wiper. It basically said  " You are parked outside a knitting shop and we are interested in your blanket. Who knitted this for you? Why do you like it? Where did it come from and where have you taken it? I like to write about knitters on my blog. If you don't wish to answer, then I apologise and do have a safe journey home..."
And I waited.
Wednesday evening about 8pm, John posted a letter under our door. He thanked me for my saucy letter and said that his work mate's mother in law had made it and he liked it because it helped him pull the ladies. Then he left his number and offered to take me for a drink.
In my naivety, I was surprised.  The knitting mother in law had no name and was not credited. 

Maybe it is unfair of me to turn down John's offer of a drink. The story I wanted was his work mate's and he was the one driving the wagon the day a girly letter landed on his screen .  

I conclude that his assumption's were as wrong as mine, and the way he saw that blanket was again, different to mine.  I fear we might clash as much as the colours. What a thought provoking blanket. I am plucking up courage to find out more.


Thank you Lisa for the lovely photos of your new tea pot stand. Lisa came for a crochet lesson with Louise last Saturday and then went home, practiced a few circles and squares, and then launched into this fabulous creation. Lisa says she can now attempt all the glorious patterns from her 1970's 'Stitch by Stitch' magazine, and there may be a mustard crochet skirt coming soon. 


These pictures just surfaced from a forgotten file! Eighteen months ago this is what our shop looked like.

We don't know why we had so many telephone lines, but we like to think they were for a sex line, manned by the ghost that used to smoke behind where the till is now. We just put up some new wood paneling and the smoke seems to have stopped.

One one wall it said,
"Create your own Avant Guarde."

Thank you to all our lovely friends who helped us, and still help us build our shop.


Our Rosemary has been busy! In between the terrible task of making our tea and knitting our new typeface, she made a tea cup warmer from our organic cotton, which of course is washable, and covers up those embarrassing dribbles down the side of the cup.  Any day now, she'll be able to spell it all out.