Monday, 7 September 2009


I have decided to come clean about our carpet yarn. It's rough, cheap, durable, 100% wool. Spun from the most outer/older part of the fleece, it can with stand abrasions and frictions - a bit like my parents do.
I aquired the carpet yarn from a gentleman who was retiring from making carpets. It was a bargain, but came in scanes so big you can hardly lift them. I'm blessed with very supportive parents.
Mum heaved the scane onto the back of a chair and started to wind it into balls. Dad watched her for a while and then came up with a genius ball winding solution, a wheel, a bobbin and an elastic band. After dinner, the ball winding machine appears in front of the fire. Dad winds the wheel and mum unwinds the scane. It looks easy, but as the bobbin fills up, Mum has to speed up, and her arms start flapping all over the place.
Thank you to Sabrina Gschwandtner for filming it.