Wednesday, 30 July 2008


Thank you to everyone who made Monday's Hyperbolic Crochet Jam on the beach such a joy!
With a low tide and glorious sunshine, on the edge of the Thames, we all sat out on the Southbank Centre deck chairs and got busy making yet more coral, and spinning plastic. We saw the most knitters since we started this project, and sadly it was the last workshop at the Southbank. 
Thames 21, an organisation dedicated to cleaning up our great river, came and gave us more plastic bags and explained their operations. Thames 21 hold events where you can help clean up and learn how to fish too! Go and visit them at
If you still wish to crochet for the reef, it will be touring the country and there is plenty of space to add more. Please send your work to Katy Beven at the Craft's Council, 44a Pentonville Rd, London N1 9BY.


Until we presented Prick Your Finger's House of Shadows Silhouette Portrait stall at the V&A village fete this weekend, we had no idea how much the great British Public worried about the length of their noses.  We have proved that however big, bent or flat your nose is, a silhouette portrait looks charming. 
Silhouettes are easy to make at home. We made a dark tent out of old coats, but you could use a darkened room. Inside, was a chair for the artist and a chair for the sitter. There was a light behind the sitter and a screen, covered with white paper in front of the artist. We traced around the shadow on the white paper, which took less that a minute, and then cut the image out in black paper.
Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Higgins silhouetted above, who brought their 13 day old baby daughter along for a portrait.  More silhouette portraits, will be up on our events page soon. 
The House of Shadows will be back! It is for hire for Weddings, fete's etc, just like they used to be in the old days!