Tuesday, 6 July 2010


We were delighted to launch John-Paul Flintoff's marvelous book 'Sew Your Own' with a fantastic shin dig last Thursday night. We met John-Paul a while ago, when he came to buy some wool. He asked good questions, so we knew he was special, and on a serious mission. We couldn't put it down, especially Chapter 39, 'Prick Your Finger'!

The book is J-P's journey to find the meaning of life where he ends up making by making his own clothes. It is funny, friendly, and honest.
Interested in everything, and engaging with everyone he meets, John- Paul is never afraid to try.
We were gripped as we read about him spinning nettle fiber and knitting his own pants.

Every product has a brilliant story, and you could have been there.
John-Paul's friend Prue made extraordinary cakes with pants and buttons on. They were displayed in a big tower with flags on, next to the organic nettle wine.
John-Paul's daughter Nancy, dressed in a frock made from her old baby grows and decorated with drawn flowers, was our MC and DJ for the night. Armed with the megaphone she shouted "Sew your own! Buy my Daddy's book!"
whilst spinning her favourite song,
Nirvana's 'Smells like Teen Spirit'.
The party goers sang along, into a watering can for amplification.

And how they danced! Louise's dancing shoes looked like this.
The show is up for a couple of weeks. I'll try and blog it further, later in the week.
In the mean time I recommend this warming read, for a bargin £7.99.