Saturday, 14 June 2008


On 27th and 28th June, we are going to Woolfest in Cumbria. 

I will be organising knitted sheep into lots for an auction in aid of Farm Africa. I urge you to come and buy them, or knit one while you still have time.  There is a pattern for one on the Woolfest website.

In the mean time, here is a real sheep auction.


I stood in the foyer of the Queen Elizabeth Hall gazing at the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral for quite a while last night.  It is a beautiful example of what our craft community does. We do loads!

There is still room for more. PYF will be hosting a free reef workshop in the foyer on Monday from 5.30-7pm. You don't need to bring anything, and there's lovely leather sofas to sit on.

 A gentleman called Matthew said,
"I knew it was meant to be coral before I read the sign."


A four and a quarter inch felt bunny arrived at Prick Your Finger on Easter weekend.  I loved him from the moment we met. He offered me his carrot, but never told me his name. 
I sat him on the pile of coloured felt.
He looked nervous, as anyone would when trying to find their role in a new institution. 

On Thursday, our friend Rocky came for tea. 
Rocky found the pattern for Bobby the miniature bunny. 
(Rocky usually knows what we need.) 
Bobby has come home! We now not only know his name, but we can offer you his pattern, to make Bobby lots of new friends and relations.