Friday, 2 July 2010


Those of you that have followed our blog for a while will know that every year on our birthday, we take the sign down and wash it, twice. Re-erecting the sign is a long job, so we nominate tall, well dressed men of significant character.
This year we were blessed with John- Paul Flintoff, author of page turner, 'Sew Your Own', available at Prick Your Finger for £7.99
Thanks for your help J-P!


We can't get enough of P Diddy's 'Dirty Money' on our big speakers.
It makes our shop feel like how you imagine the sound inside those cars with souped up bass bins to be, where from the outside it just vibrates.
The customers seem to like it, probably because the chorus says 'Good Morning'.


Our Elen has graduated from Chelsea College, and we are very proud of her. Elen has been working here one day a week for over a year, helping us with our projects. There isn't much she can't do, and she brings us much joy. Above she is pictured with her knitted bus and train journeys,
and sizes of rooms in places she has lived, measured with lengths of yarn,
and trophy samples from knitters she has taught through her time in college. She has, of course, sold the whole show for a very good price.
We wish you every good fortune Elen Roberts, you are a star. x