Friday, 23 May 2008


Psychostichgeography is a new concept by our Louise Harries.
For every finished masterpiece that comes out of Prick Your Finger there lies hidden, marks that makers make in note books or on odd scraps of paper. We call this Psychostitchgeography. 
They are trains of thought, plans, rememberings, sums, trials, errors and ultimately, a journey to getting what you want.
We want to show them because they are usually private, and to others they are a mysterious abstract pattern of clues. They are not made to be seen. Psychostitchgeography doesn't always lead to a finished product, but is proof that ideas never die. 
We will show Psychostitchgeography every week. If you have any to share, please e-mail

Psychostitchgeography 1 = "Design for front panel of jumper, for man born on the cusp of Virgo and Libre with Cancer rising, never knitted" RM