Wednesday, 9 July 2008


Lovers of adventure, I recommend you visit Miss Fleur Oakes's "Museum of Objects of Virtue" this weekend, for the show "Dust Jacket for Darwin's the Voyage of the Beagle."  Please aim to visit between the hours of 12-6pm. 
I'll ruin the adventure if I describe it to you, so all I'll say is that the museum is quite small, in a big place, and once you are there, you'll wish you had brought all your friends.
To find it, take the A to Z, to Cockfosters at the end of the Piccadilly Line, and follow the map to 89, Park Rd, New Barnet, EN4 9QX. The map has "Museum" written where the museum is.....Dress code is probably beautiful, but with sensible shoes....


'Get Knitted' at the Sheffield Galleries is now open, and there are lots of goodies to see....
We're off up there tomorrow for the private view.
You can coo over the knitted wedding, laugh at the old Cast Off footage, marvel at Shane Waltner's amazing interactive party knitting, as seen here, and hot your self up over the knitted formula 1 car tyres! And don't forget you get my free pattern for knitted Sheffield Steal knife, fork and spoon.  
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We know that our Rosemary has a lot going on in her head. You can see it in her eyes. 
Here are the workings of her citrus bracelet, avaliable in orange and lime.


On Halloween last, we had a fancy dress competition. The prize was one of Louise's knitted flies. Quite late in the evening a zombie walked in with a chinese takeaway and we instantly made him the winner. 
Nine months later, David Laurence sent us this picture of his winning fly in a bell jar. Now we know who the zombie was, and to be honest, it wasn't really that much of a suprise. The life of the fly however, was a suprise and we are delighted to think of it buzzing on his busy desk.