Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Amy Lame´'s Pom Pom International and Prick Your Finger invite you to a pom pom making party with Dj's. Bring your friends, bring a conflict and we'll get sorted.
Party starts on Friday 1st August 7pm onwards, with following afternoons, 2-6pm on Saturday 2nd August, Tuesday 5th August, and Saturday 18th August.
All parties are free. Please collect odd scraps of wool x
For more information go to www.pompominternational.com 


For those of you that can't attend the 'In the Loop' conference at Winchester School of Art over these next three days, I wanted to share a song with you that I aim to teach the conference to sing on the 'New Wave' day.  It is called 'Knit, Knit, Knit" and it was written by the Kendal WI ( my local town in Cumbria) in 1927, and it won a prize at the Mary Wakefield Festival in that same year. It was a busy summer for the WI because Kendal experienced terrible floods.

If you feel your knitting circle needs a copy, we can copy you the the sheet music.
It goes like this....

Allegretto (With Humour)

We're a busy and joyous band, Terrible knitters of Westmoreland,
And many's the stocking we've sent away, to Kendal town on market day.
Week in, week out, you may see us sittin' In t'ingle nook a-do-in' our knit tin',
In t'ingle nook a do- in' our knit tin', a do- in our knit-in'.
Knit, Knit, Knit, By morn-in', by noon and by night.
Knit, Knit, Knit, So lang as there's owt of a light,
When ever you're sorry, when ever your sick, 
There's nowt that cheers like t'needles' click, so Knit, Knit, Knit.

T'men may snuff or drink or smoke, But that's not t'way with women folk.
To pass the time or to soothe her grief, 
She takes up her own lile knit-tin sheaf,
And hours on end, you may see her sit-tin, Just do-in' nowt but knit-tin an' knit-tin, 
Just do-in nowt but knit-tin, just nowt but knit-tin.

Rep. Chorus.