Monday, 15 November 2010


Until now, acrylics have only ever appeared in our bargin bin.
Over time, our back room has gathered enough 2nd hand acrylic cones to start nuclear fusion.
Last weekend I got out the hand cream and started spinning 8ply acrylic peachy pinky lemony stuff, which is flying out of the shop.
These up-cycled acrylics are washable at 90 degrees, glow in the dark, look pretty, and if you want to create an heirloom, they will never biodegrade...
And while you are at it, candy floss making has huge ecconomic returns if you invest in one of these machines,


When I was a child, my Granny had a blue cloak which hung on the back of the back door. It interested me because she only used it for 'Going to the dustbins in bad weather'. I would have loved to wear it, but it served a specific purpose.

Recently, clearing out my drawers, I found this jumper which I inherited and is too big for me, getting thin, with lots of holes. It asked for new life.

I started to darn it, and thought of a friend of mine who is having a hard time drinking too much. His re-cycling pile takes up too much of his kitchen, and the jumper was his size. So I darned a bit more and gave it to him with some spare darning threads and a label saying, "For tripping to the re-cycling in bad weather"
(Last time I saw the jumper more holes had appeared at the elbows, but he had fixed the holes)


Prick Your Finger will be proud to present
'Sleeps in Oysters'
a gig and knitted instillation to launch their new album
"The Brambles in Starlight',
in the shop on November 25th. Keep the date free, it will be a cosy prickly time, and the newly pressed single with hand spun cover, individually made by the band will be on sale.
More information to come....