Thursday, 3 December 2009


Welcome Aketsun, who has flown in from the land of the rising sun, to bring us a pot pourri of fantastical dolls attire, little bird necklaces, handbag bears who carry a change of clothes,and new directions in Christmas decorations! Aketsun collects tiny gems from micro plastic high heals, miniature spoons, to pretty beads. With delicate stitches in sewing, knitting and crochet, she creates a utopia.
It takes several moments to appreciate how much work has gone into each piece. In Aketsun's world, everything is loveable, hense I presume, her name 'Aketsun Loveable'.
Doll collecting is massive in Japan. Aketsun showed us several copies of a Japanese Magazine 'Dolly Dolly', a bizare publication featuring over sexualized dolls that might have died on their wedding day, complete with roses around the coffin etc. Then, as you turn the pages (backwards) Aketsun's joyus world leaps out from the rest, and is, I imagine, very collectable.

It's the best example of contemporary Japanese doll craft I have seen. Paper dress making patterns, and crochet diagrams are also on show. Recognising, that the English might not get the doll world, she's made beautiful fantasies which you can wear, and decorations for Christmas. We are very proud to be showing something so bright, happy and completely alien.


Built in rather a hurry, due to lots of new books arriving, (including the much awaited 'Dinosaur Iron- On Transfer Patterns') our new bookcase, of which we are most proud, cost a grand total of £8.99, due to the price of mat black paint, covering up the tatty wood, which was mostly found on the roadside between here and Soho.
The irregularity of materials, made it impossible to design on paper, and I love it's No-Wave feel.