Thursday, 3 December 2009


Built in rather a hurry, due to lots of new books arriving, (including the much awaited 'Dinosaur Iron- On Transfer Patterns') our new bookcase, of which we are most proud, cost a grand total of £8.99, due to the price of mat black paint, covering up the tatty wood, which was mostly found on the roadside between here and Soho.
The irregularity of materials, made it impossible to design on paper, and I love it's No-Wave feel.


Anonymous said...

Will you teach me to do such good joinery?!

Love M

Prick Your Finger said...

Yes, of course. Uncle Kim told me it is now called fishdoor. Another way of saying carpentry. Apparently like 'Let's get down to the fishdoor' if you get that. (fish-carp/door entry)
R x

KnitKnit said...

beautiful piece Rachael!