Monday, 30 November 2009



vesper said...


As a poor English creative I once recorded my poetry for the National Theatre's Box Clever Urban Voices at the Albany Theatre in Deptford where I was born.

President Benjamin Zephaniah of Penrose Housing Association 'lost' the master copy after being given the CD to listen to by staff from the Penrose HA office in Brixton.

On Friday 4th December 2009 my art in motion will be visiting Judith Dean's Operation Rome, Private View 8pm-10pm, at The Poetry Society, 22 Betterton Street, London WC2H 9BX.

Successive generations of British poets have overrun the Eternal City. This time, Rome has launched a counter-offensive. Finding myself 'between the lines' I thought that a poem with a bit of Latin in the title would appease Rome's Pope Benedict XVI who now has a new ferula, or pastoral staff, donated by the Circolo San Pietro, and similar to the one used by Blessed Pope Pius IX.

Mysterium Coniunctionis Explained

The White Rose looked into the mirror pool.
Roses are Red, she had seen her animus.
She thought she was he.
The Red Rose looked into the mirror pool.
Roses are White, he had seen his anima.
He thought he was she.
Her light made him turn around.
He saw he was he.
His light made her turn around.
She saw she was she.
They saw each other in each other.
The opposites unite when the Red Rose meets with the White.

It would be great to meet you on Friday 4th at the Poetry Society.

In XtO Vesper aka ROY HOBSON FCES 1990, FRICS 1984, Grad Dipl QS formerly of Nigel Rose & Partners, 6 Langley Street,WC2H 9JT

Prick Your Finger said...

Hi Vesper,

Thank You for your lovely poem. I think you will have a wonderful time with Judith's invasion as Rome. Judith is a friend of ours and we are gutted we won't be able to make it to her private view because we have a party on here at the shop!

Enjoy! x