Wednesday, 27 October 2010


What does one give the boyfriend who doesn't want anything?
This question had been bugging Anastasia for a while.
The boy in question has good taste in knitwear, but she couldn't buy him new pieces because he loved the old ones so much.
Clever Anastasia found her way to PYF, wearing her boyfriend's favourite guernsey, and booked herself a darning lesson. The jersey was seriously holey. Both cuffs had major gashes, the neck was unraveling and there were smaller holes all over the place. We had a very simular 5ply yarn in stock and we got to work, discussing the best ways to tackle the problems, speed weaving the little holes and tackling the big ones. Anastasia took the jumper home and finished the job.
She wrapped the jersey up neatly for the birthday boy, who on opening it, looked very disappointed and said "Did you buy me a new jersey?"
....and then he realised it was his old one and was delighted.
Well done Anastasia.


Thank you to Zarah Savage for this amazing news flash.
Zarah will be our next artist in the window. Her show 'Horror at the Haberdashery' opens with a party on 5th November. More details to follow.


This is Frosso, the head of first year at the Bartlett school of Architecture where we have just spent the morning, explaining the architectual qualities of Prick Your Finger.
We explained our fascination with sourcing materials, how we study skills so we can make things in all dimentions, and how textiles is a place where you can live work and breathe. Our slide show was basically this blog, and all the posts seemed to turn into parts of a village, with all you villagers busy going about your knitted business.
And here are the students leaving after we have fried their heads. Thank you Frosso we had a lovely time.