Saturday, 15 November 2008


Louise and I went to visit the Wellcome Trust Collection last night and saw this snuff box. 
We thought that if we had a snuff box like this, we would offer you snuff before the knitting lessons. The Wellcome Thrust Collection is brilliant, it's on Euston Rd, and they've got Napolean's toothbrush and Roman iron penis's with wings and legs and everything. 
We went to see a show about hair, but I'll write about that next week.....Check it out.


This is Bimbo. Julia brought him in today for a bit of T.L.C.  Bimbo is nearly 60 years old, and has a few injuries which need attention. He has a rip across the back of his head, where some of his stuffing has come out, leaving his face a bit flat.  All four limbs have holes, and he has lost his jacket.
He is just having a rest over the weekend and then we will start surgery next week.
Sleep well Bimbo x