Friday, 3 April 2009


Miss Fleur Oakes of The Glass Pingle popped in for tea yesterday. Fleur is making an exciting new  show which will be displayed at Prick Your Finger from the 1st of May.  Fleur said she found a quote by Burne-Jones which said something like, (I've forgotten exactly)
'A man is King in his own garden with a pencil and a sketch book'. 
Fleur is Queen in her garden with her pencil, and we will all see why when her new show goes up at PYF on May 1st. (Put it in your diary) To-day is the best day of the year for planting flowers, according to my friend Lucy's moon chart, and this quote has been going round and round in my head. I want to be the Queen of the Garden too. So with that in mind, here is a snap I took last summer in the garden at William Morris's Red House. We hope your gardens grow well this year.  Fleur's private view is bound to be extra -ordinary. 


Jenifer Corker loves sewing and her dogs, and has managed to mix the two into a fine body of work. Soon she will be coming to PYF to show 'Let Sleeping Dogs Lie,' where she has stitched delicate drawings of delicate dogs on delicate fabrics. Jen is also a jeweler and we love the way she see her dogs as gems and stitches them with a steady hand.