Tuesday, 7 December 2010


We are very excited to announce that Gina Birch from the Raincoats and the Hangovers will be displaying her beautiful hand made bags and banners in the window from Thursday. Gina has knitted and felted a bag for every song on the Raincoats first album, and her stitched banners say things that she thinks.Here are Gina's beautiful daughters Lei Lei and Honey, modeling two of the bags. Please come to a private view on Thursday 9th from 6pm and bring a stick, small log or piece of untreated wood no larger than 10x4" for Energy Cafe's wood burning stove which will be serving mulled wine and mince pies. And if you haven't heard the Raincoats have a listen, (they are amazing) otherwise you won't know which bag to buy.
See you there!