Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Folkology is a Hungarian folk art company, who sell traditional cross stitch designs, which we stock at PYF. This is my attempt at 'Starflower 3'.  
For generations the women in my family have produced beautiful cross stitch samplers, but the talent has not passed on to me. I find it difficult to stick to the pattern, and tend to go a bit off road.  I did wonder, had I lived two hundred years ago, would the mess on the reverse side of Starflower 3, have meant I could never marry?
 Louise suggested that many religions use pattern as a form of meditation, which I tried to do but my head was a bit over cluttered this week, it being fashion week and all.  To my delight I realised I am not trying to imitate God by being perfect. I enjoyed the red and white and learned that I need to practice symmetry, and through that, I could learn about music, astronomy, cosmology and natural forms, and untangling my thread.
Folkology patterns start at £5.