Wednesday, 3 December 2008


This Saturday 6th December, as well as having our usual busy Saturday in the shop, we shall be raving from mid day until midnight at the Bust Magazine Christmas Craftacular Sale.
St. Aloysius Socal Club, 20 Phoenix Rd, London. (near Euston Station)
There's lots of other lovely crafty stalls.....for more information go to;


Congratulations to Miss Celia Pym who has finished darning the holiest jumper anyone has ever seen. There are no holes now.  Do come and visit the jumper because it's hard to catch all the stories that fly out of it with a camera. I can not describe it's presence, and more to the point, Celia, hurry up and find another project, we miss you being here....


Yesterday my Mother telephoned from the lake District to say they had awoken to a light flurry of snow, about an inch deep. Much to her suprise, when she went into the village to collect the bread, everyone was talking about it as if it were a problem. The school children had been sent home and the post wasn't delivered. My Mother went about her business as usual and here at Prick Your Finger, we didn't get any snow but we did build a snowman from our own Swaledale Ropey and Dk which is 90p for 10g.