Sunday, 22 March 2009


As I was arranging the magic rugs at 'The House of Fairy Tales' yesterday, I looked up at the damp cavernous walls of 'Shunt' and noticed some moth like creatures sleeping. 
On closer inspection I noticed that they were hand made, cut out of dead leaves. 
What a brilliant way to decorate crumbly plaster!


The inspiration for knitting these relics, came from a relief on a wall in St Magnus' Cathedral Orkney. Through the process of making them, the piece became a picnic. At Gallery 10, I spread it  out on the floor. 
This week I put it up on the wall by the window in the shop, and I love it much more. It seems to inspire narrative more clearly and look older. The skull has been busy luring all sorts of people to the window. The scale of the pieces simultaneously seems friendly and frightening. 
I think I shall keep it this way.