Friday, 29 February 2008


PYF was delighted to knit a square for the Stitch and Bitch Map of the British Isles. It shows what a creative country we are, with knitting circles everywhere. Creativity and community is alive and well.  Our square is the one down bottom right with a big pink knitted phallis that is pointing upwards.


Hello! I made tea for Mrs G. and Richard for nigh on 40 years, and it was a lovely time. Towards the end of my stay there I was attacked by moth. It was terrible. Here I am (above) when they found me.
I was brought to Prick your Finger, where they gave me a face lift, new arms, new hair and now I am happily back in service, pouring tea for the lovely ladies and gentlemen in the shop.


RED COTTON is scarce in our shop at the moment, because the organic peruvian farmers only spin it in indigo, white, and grey, but when Mallika popped in the shop today, thank God we had one ball of red cotton in the bargin bin. Red cotton is for the Kalyana Mitra ceremony. Kalyana Mitra means 'Beautiful friendship' in the buddhist world and Mallika was on her way to the ceremony without her red cotton! 
Two senior buddhists become lifelong friends with a junior buddhist. The thread comes from the Buddha at the shrine, and then is wrapped around the wrists of the younger buddhist. 
I said one pound please and she gave me two.