Friday, 2 May 2008


Do you do Zentangles?
Our friend Jo has just directed us to
A website in America, where they give a doodle a better name, and you can 'study' it with a lesson plan and a 'kit' and everything! Patterns like verdigogh, opus, paradox, jonqal, and cadent,  you probably drew when you were young, but never knew it had a name clever name!
It's repetitive and beautiful and satisfying and a healthy way to leave the world behind, which makes it important.


This morning was sunny, so I spun on the street, where words always are.
I met a lady called Mary, who runs "School of Everything"
It's a school where you can learn anything anywhere. She's put PYF on the map, and gave us a lovely sticker that says
You can learn whatever you like, where ever you like, whenever you like, by following the link above. 
So what do you want to learn?
If I can teach you anything, just let me know.....