Friday, 2 May 2008


Do you do Zentangles?
Our friend Jo has just directed us to
A website in America, where they give a doodle a better name, and you can 'study' it with a lesson plan and a 'kit' and everything! Patterns like verdigogh, opus, paradox, jonqal, and cadent,  you probably drew when you were young, but never knew it had a name clever name!
It's repetitive and beautiful and satisfying and a healthy way to leave the world behind, which makes it important.

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Tracy F said...

Dear PYF,

Wow, these images are wonderful. My sisters just told me about the Zentangle movement, and seeing these beautiful little gems of drawings really helps me appreciate how wonderful they can be. Your pieces' flow and detail remind me both of the work in the illuminated manuscripts of the middle ages and of the magical drawings of the Dutch artist, Escher.