Thursday, 15 January 2009


Incase anyone missed this story, here it is again, thanks to my mum who cut it out of the paper.
'hens rescued from a battery farm, sport "chicken jumpers" knitted by members of the local WI. The battery hens, which are kept on an allotment in Bilsworth, Northamptonshire, have fewer feathers than their free-range counterparts and need the sweater to adapt to outdoor life. 
I'm sure you'll agree they wear them very well.


Holes and sloppy knits are back again! Well we all know they never go away....
Here is a selection from Vogue, that we reckon could be knocked up on big needles over quite a long weekend. Non- Knitters would have to pay £2,600 for the Giles silk sweater dress, £3,500 for the Sinha - Stanic beaded sweater, and £238 for the McQueen black and white number.