Friday, 26 November 2010


We had a very cosy time last night when 'Sleeps in Oysters' performed their new album 'Brambles in Starlight' in the shop. Lisa also has an instillation in the window, with textile stories and instruments, a perfect backdrop for the gig.

Lisa has photographed textiles close up to make scenes where wonderous things happen. Focusing on them put us in the mood for making and listening.A colourful array of instruments, a record deck and a computer to made multi-layered folktronic soundscapes and pop, which sounded charming in a wool clad room. Their new album wards off the winter blues and leaves plenty of room for imagination to run wild while you are knitting.

Sleeps in Oysters describe themselves as sounding like 'the things we do on purpose and the things that just happened.' Seeing as that's what usually happens with everything around here, they seemed to make themselves at home.
Mark of 'Mark Knight and the Witches' played songs on his accoustic guitar, in between Sleeps in Oysters songs.
while Lisa made paper aeroplanes, and Taeko helped her throw them at our friends.
Sleeps in Oysters carried us all into individual worlds through the evening, creating a comfortable atmosphere where we pottered, chatted, listened, and thought. Their interaction with the audience made us all feel like we had taken part in a cleansing moonlit walk.

'Brambles in Starlight' is on sale now in the shop. As first glance it looks like a ball of handspun yarn, which of course it is. Lisa has wrapped a good 25g around each CD hanging in the window, ensuring we all get on and knit something before we listen.
Check out their sounds at


There was a strange atmosphere at lunch today. Louise knitted a purple hat in a cashmere lambswool mix and didn't feel comfortable in it. Not long enough, it kept slipping forward and made her feel gormless. Zarah was feeling equally strange in a black berret, bought on the internet, which made her feel like she was wearing a tea cosy.
Danish pickled herrings, pumpernickel and mayonnaise shone light on the situation; Louise and Zarah swapped hats for an instant uplift.
We concluded that there is no point suffering in unfashionable silence, for an investment which could reward you in ways most unexpected.