Thursday, 5 March 2009


Prick Your Finger are proud to present
'The Long Lost' LIVE! In our window on 
Wednesday 18th March at 7pm.
This gig is FREE to PYF, friends, blog readers and customers. 
The special password for a free beer, wine, mineral water, is (K2tog) 
Bring your knitting or whatever you are making!

The Long Lost consists of husband-&-wife team Alfred (Voice, Guitar) and Laura Darlington (Voice, Flute) who will be joined on stage for their live dates by Amir Yaghami (Violin) & Jonathan Larroquette (Electronics) aka electronic duo Jogger. In contrast to the avant-electronics and hip-hop aesthetics of Alfred's music as Daedelus, The Long Lost is a sublime union of two songwriters & producers with a penchant for sad sounds and delicate, electro-acoustic melodies - psychedelic lullabies for lovers and lovelorn.

When they take the stage, the quartet exude a gentle strength, the violin entwining with Laura's voice, the strength of their performance lying in understatement and controlled musicianship rather than any showing off. It's a perfectly judged evocation of their music, utterly lacking in guile and full of the queasy, wonderful, sometimes awful emotions which overwhelm us when we're in Love. 


Louise and I had a stroll along the Southbank yesterday, to spy the knitted graffiti made by the Stitch and Bitch girls when Knitta came to London week before last. 
There are some brilliant pieces and some really made us laugh. This was our favourite though because it looked so comfortable.
Well done ladies!


We got very excited and made a fantastic mess last night when we worked out how to spin fashion magazines. It could of course, remain debatable whether our yarn would be 'so now' or 'so last season', as some of the magazines were a bit old, but we don't care. This yarn is beautiful.
Louise is in charge of 'Fashion Rag Yarn' production, and she says we will have a batch finished by 6pm Saturday. Rosemary is on carding, Zara shredding, and I am on the wheel.