Friday, 16 October 2009


I would like to thank the Ladies and Gentlemen of the Keith Axon Centre in Fairlop for such a warm welcome yesterday afternoon. Pam, a keen knitter and librarian from Redbridge, invited me to talk to her community about knitting. She publicised it well and there was a fantastic turn out. There were four different knitting circles there, who were all busy making things.
I talked for I don't know how long and was then inundated with questions, stories and finally a pot plant, which touched me greatly.
Pam then drove me back to the station. On route we were followed by a police car for ages, although we were both sure we hadn't done anything wrong, Pam tried to shake the police off by turning down a side road, which turned out to be a dead end, but fortunately, the police didn't follow us, so we didn't have to volt the tall fence straight ahead.
Thanks Pam, I had a really cool time.